Pink frosted (NF)


Ingredients:  Egg whites ( liquid egg whites ),whole eggs, flour blend (brown rice, sorghum & buckwheat) white rice flour , flax seed , vegetable oil , safflower oil  & sunflower oil , vegetable butter , oil blend (soy bean oil) water, salt, vegetable & mono & diglycerides, soy lecithin , natural & artificial flavor , potassium sorbet & calcium disodium edta (preservatives)  lactic acid , vitamin A, unsweetened apple sauce (water apples) baking soda , natural flavors (stevia leaf extract) cinnamon , xanthan gum ,salt , vanilla ( vanilla extract , pure vanilla) baking powder (aluminum free), sodium bicarbonate , monk fruit  sweetener (erythritol) & monk fruit extract, white chocolate  sugar free , sweetener , dietary fiber (inulin)  cocoa butter, soy lecithin , ( emulsifier) steviol  ( stevia extract ) sweetener , natural vanilla extract, natural colors , pink color (oil based)

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