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What kind of reeses cups are used in Light Delight products?

In Light Delight we only use reese’s that are Gluten & sugar free.

What kind of kisses are used in Peanut butter besitos (kisses style)cups?

When we start Light Delight we used to work with a company that made us this style of chocolate but unfortunately that company is no longer in business , after we lost our supplier we started making our own chocolate (kisses style) , the truth is that our chocolate is similar with the kisses of the company Hershey, for legal reasons we do not use the name kisses, that is why we call them”besitos” instead. The Hershey company use sugar in their kisses and we don’t , soon we will upload a video that demonstrates the ingredients and the process we use in Light Delight to make our kisses-style chocolate but without sugar.

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