Flour tortilla mix



  • Pea protein
  • Oat fiber ( organic oat fiber )
  • Tapioca flour
  • Flax seed
  • Brown rice flour
  • Sea salt
  • Yeast (included)

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Ingredients needed for preparation

  • 1 Bag of Light Delight tortilla mix
  • 1 Package of yeast (included)
  • 1/3 cup of coconut oil or coconut shortening
  • ¼ tsp of salt
  • 1 cup of warm water


  1. Combine all ingredients except water, in the bowl of a stand mixer
  2. Mix until a fine coarse meal is formed
  3. On low speed , slowly add water and mix well until dough comes together
  4. Remove half of the dough from bowl
  5. Roll and form into a log
  6. Wrap in plastic , repeat with second half
  7. Let it sit for 30 to 60 minutes (this will make the dough less sticky to work with) or up to 3 day in the refrigerator.
  8. Cut 6 or 7 inch squares of parchment paper (two for each tortilla) for a total of 10-16 pieces of parchment paper depending on the tortilla size
  9. Cut dough in half and then cut each half  into 8 ( for 5 inch) or 5 (for 6 inch) pieces.
  10. Keep dough covered  while working to keep it fresh and pliable.


Whit rolling pin:

Roll between two pieces of parchment (or plastic wraps) to very thin , does not to have to be perfect round  , concentrate on making thin.

With tortilla press : 

 Place a square of parchment in a  tortilla press , flatten a disc of dough with your palms , place it on parchment  , add a second piece of parchment on top  close cover and press , turn tortilla and paper a 180° and press again leave the tortilla covered between the papers until ready to cook.

Cook tortillas : 

  1. Cook on a medium – hot cast iron pan or griddle set at 400 °
  2. Carefully peel off paper from one side of the tortilla
  3. Place dough -side down on the pan
  4. Peel  remaining paper off the top , after 1 minute paper will peel off easily
  5. After another minute ( for a total of 2 minutes on that side ) flip and cook 2 more minutes on the second side.
  6. Repeat with as many tortillas as you want to make.
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